Marylin cutlery

“a drop of light”
design Marcello Ziliani

Use & Reuse

The ecological alternative to disposable
100% ecological, recyclable, eco-sustainable, reusable, resistant

Rest Audrey Hive Colour

The union between color and design

Caleido Compact

a new dimension
that adapts to any space

For professional and domestic cooking

Cutlery, pots, knives and utensils
All the quality of Pinti Inox is here for you

We have been bringing professional items to the table since 1929

Pinti Inox means quality of materials, technological innovation along with continuous research and development.
These are our strengths.

Our entrepreneurial history is now in its fourth generation. With great pride, we have taken Made in Italy all over the world..

We love our territory.
Our operations take place in a production context that is amongst the most competitive in Europe, being the number 1 district for the production of steel utensils for the kitchen and table.
We utilise proven production systems, supported by state-of-the-art automations.

For catering professionals

Discover our range of display-worthy pans, professional knifeware and wow-effect cutlery.

For catering professionals, we have developed unique cutlery lines with a refined and contemporary design, bearing a glossy, satin-finish or vintage look and available in the most exclusive variants:Gold, Bronze, Titanium or Total Black.

Pinti Inox for HO.RE.CA. means quality materials, a focus on style and attention to detail, in the kitchen and in the dining room.
Our HO.RE.CA. catalogue represents the most comprehensive collection of stainless-steel products destined for modern catering.
Furthermore, we have developed lines in copper, iron, aluminium (raw and non-stick) and tri-metal. They are designed to accompany food throughout its journey from preparation in the kitchen to presentation at the table.
Are you looking for a complete, high-quality range?

Professionality at your table

In the kitchen and at the table, all the professionalism and style of the great names in catering.
Our lines of pots, cutlery and specific accessories for domestic tables and kitchens come as the result of the experience gained over the years producing products for professionals.

Classic and romantic cutlery, rather than that with a more modern design, along with collections of pots for every need, suitable for both gas cooking and induction hobs.

We have also thought of a multitude of solutions for speeding up meal preparation. From pressure cookers that reduce cooking times to multipans for cooking several dishes at the same time.
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