PINTI INOX SPA, operating in the sector of household products, through its Board of Directors, is committed to the implementation of the quality policy according to the points listed below.

The main objective of our company is the complete satisfaction of the customer who chooses us.
Given the constant technological evolution and the continuous increase
in the qualitative demands of the market, to be chosen and appreciated by one’s customers means excelling in efficiency, quality, price, reliability, service and image.
To achieve these goals, „PINTI INOX SPA“ aims to promote and support the following activities::

  • maintenance and development in its organisation of a
    quality management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and
    product standards;
  • confirmation of the quality assurance department, within its own organisation, reporting to the BoD, in order to ensure the management of the quality programme;
  • involvement of company personnel at all levels in the application and constructive development of the adopted quality management system;
  • dissemination of quality training not only within the company but also externally, to suppliers and associated companies;
  • extension of information and links in all company sectors for the proactive participation of everyone in the realisation of products that fully correspond to the technological expectations of the customer;
  • promoting continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the quality management system and thereby in the reliability of the company.

The Board of Directors has decided to establish a set of quality objectives, in agreement with the management and quality assurance, which the organisation must aim for in order to confirm the correct implementation of the quality management system and its development; these objectives are documented in a plan periodically signed by the Board of Directors and verified during the management review.

The Board of Directors shall ensure that this statement and the quality objectives are made known to the personnel.

Only the complete commitment of every sector manager and every employee of the company will enable us to achieve the set objectives, which are the prerequisite for the continuity and growth of our company.

Sarezzo, 21/02/2018